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The Snakeboard Pro + FWD CrossStraps Bundle

The Snakeboard Pro + FWD CrossStraps Bundle

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The Snakeboard Pro is the ultimate carving board.  Its two pivoting plates, driven in sync with your shoulders,  mean you'll be speeding along in no time.  You never have to take your feet off the board, even when powering up hill. All under your own power.  

The Snakeboard Pro 2.0 brings a new twist to the classic Snakeboard movement.  Carve Deeper with the innovative surfskate style front truck. 

This front truck rock also makes it simple to get moving from the minute you open the box.  Check out this YouTube to see how:

Buy the Snakeboard Pro 2.0 with the FWD Cross Straps together in this bundle and save!

Take control of your carve, pop up curbs and power slide with confidence.  The addition of the FWD Cross Straps to your Snakeboard Pro 2.0 enable a whole new level of handling. 

  • Connect to your Carve: Strap in for next level control.
  • Swerve, Pop, Drop:  No need to ever get off your Snakeboard to navigate curbs or other obstacles. Just hop up, fly over or float down anything in your way.
  • Snake Escape: Easily slip out your feet on arrival or in an emergency. 
  • Protect ya Crep: Added layer to keep your kicks fresh.

Arrive in style, no faff. Quickly slip your feet out of the Cross Straps, kick your board up into your hand and march on in past a crowd of curious folk wondering who this creature from the future is.  

Unlike full Streetboard bindings, you can easily pull your feet out in any emergency. Perfect for new riders.  Carve connected but still carve with freedom.

Please note board and straps will be dispatched separately and may arrive at different times.  Set up required. 

The Snakeboard Pro + FWD Cross Straps Specs:

  • Trucks: Flowing Front Truck. Fixed back Truck (Purchase the version with two fixed trucks HERE)
  • Straps: Four Pre Drilled Holes with three sizing options on each.
  • FWD Cross Straps: Embroidered Webbing.
  • Max. Load: 150 kg
  • Axels: Aluminum axles
  • Wheel size: 80 x 43 mm
  • Wheel Hardness: SHR 85A
  • Bearings: ABEC 5 carbon steel
  • Footplates: 8 layers of beech
  • Centre Bar: PA+30% fiberglass


All Snakeboards are currently shipped from the UK. Delivery is 5-7 working days.

FWD Cross Straps will arrive separately.

EU or International orders may be subject to import duties and VAT.

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Refund Policy

Returns are accepted within 30 days of your purchase in the original condition (The wheels must be as new).

We recommend trying it indoors if you are unsure.

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